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RV Winterization in North Texas

November 1, 2021

Are you a North Texas resident trying to find out if and when you should have your RV or travel trailer winterized? The extreme and rapid weather changes in the Fort Worth and Northern areas of Texas requires both travel trailer and RV winterization to be completed early on as the weather can snap from the 80’s to the 30’s and below quickly and without much warning.

Prepare your RV or travel trailer for freezing temperatures in North Texas and winterize your RV or travel trailer at no cost. We provide Free RV Winterization from the water tank to the toilet bowl to the water pump. We protect all plastic and moving parts, electrical equipment, and everything that holds fluid at any time of the year.

To winterize your RV or travel trailer schedule an appointment with us or call and drop off your RV or travel trailer at our RV Repair Shop in Roanoke, Texas.

Is RV Winterization Necessary?

Texas temperatures can drop into the single digits almost on a yearly basis. Keeping your RV or travel trailer protected from the severe cold and humid weather that comes with all the precipitation and exciting weather extremes in Texas means that RV winterization is necessary. That applies for travel trailers too. Travel trailer winterization is necessary in Texas. We recommend that you have your RV winterization completed before December or even the Thanksgiving holiday, but we understand if time doesn’t allow it. We’ll be available from November 1st through the entire winter providing winterization services near you in the Fort Worth / Keller / Southlake / Roanoke area.

At what temperature should you winterize your RV in Texas?

With the sudden changes in Texas, winterization should become a priority to schedule around early November or whenever the temperature drops below 40 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time. Preparing for the temperature to drop down into the 30’s and 20’s will ensure that your RV or travel trailer is ready for the cold winds and freezing temperatures that affect the greater Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex every year.

Can I winterize my RV by myself?

While many of the tasks involved in winterizing an RV can be done by a knowledgeable RV owner, the best way to protect your RV from preventable repairs is by taking your RV into a service center to professionally winterize your motorhome or travel trailer.

At Elite RV Roof and Collision we know how to ensure that your entire RV’s water system, no matter the RV is secure against the cold winter weather.

So, while you may be capable of removing the water from your distribution systems, our RV service technicians know how to route antifreeze through the lines without filling the tank.

During an Elite RV Pros Winterization service appointment, we not only pressurize the water system, but we also use the opportunity to listen closely for potential leaks. Catching a leak early can help prevent further damage to the system, and can help keep your RV running smoothly for years to come.

Because our RV service experts have years of experience working on RVs and innovating the process of RV servicing including winterization, you know you’re in good hands.

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Winterize Your RV with the Elite RV Pros

From the water system, to the plastic and electrical components, to the tires and seals we protect your RV from cold weather and ensure that the freezing cold temperatures won’t reach inside your RV or travel trailer this winter.

Here’s what we service during an RV Winterization:

  • Hot Water Tank
  • Water Heater Bypass
  • RV Water System
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Holding Tanks
  • Water Pump

Protect Your RV or Travel Trailer this Winter

It’s a great time to have your RV or Travel Trailer protected from the cold temperatures coming this winter. Save time, and make the process easier on yourself with the peace of mind knowing your recreational vehicle is prepared and secure from the Texas cold during the upcoming months. Schedule an appointment with Elite RV Roof and Collision at our Roanoke, TX RV Repair Shop.

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