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5 Benefits Of Titan Spray-On Roof Linings

February 15, 2023

Choosing to update your RV’s roof may come as an unwanted expense, or it may be a necessary precaution to protect your RV from damage that you know is possible. While there are several good options out there to choose from, a Titan spray-on roof solution is hands down the best choice you can make for your RV. Not only is it a considerably quick application process, but the results are sure to last for years, saving you time, money and the question of whether your roof is safe from water damage.

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing a Titan lining for your RV’s roof:

  • Cures quickly
  • Flexible material
  • Waterproof seal
  • Cost-effective
  • Durability

Cures Quickly

One of the greatest parts of a Titan roof application is that the lining cures incredibly fast, even to the point of being able to walk on it within minutes of application! While you may not need to walk on it that soon, it does provide you with a solution that will get you back on the road as soon as possible if you’ve been derailed due to roofing issues.

Flexible Material

Your RV sustains a lot of bumps along the journeys it makes, so it’s only natural that over time materials start to crack apart and sustain damage from impact. When you opt for a Titan lining on your RV’s roof, you are choosing a sealant solution that is extremely flexible, making the chances of your sealant cracking slim to none.

closeup of rv with new spray-on roof lining

Provides Waterproof Seal

Keeping water out of your RV is one of the main reasons to invest in a spray on sealant, such as a Titan lining. Water infiltration is the antagonist to every RV owner, and you know all too well that if water seeps into your RV roof via cracks in your sealant or near windows and edges, you could be looking at extensive damage if you don’t act quickly. With a Titan roof lining, you have a waterproof seal almost instantly after application. No more rainy days for your RV!

Cost Effective Solution

If you’ve had to take your RV in for maintenance and repairs before now, you know that feeling of shelling out money, hoping that the results you paid for are worth it. But with a spray-on roof lining, you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth! Spray on roof solutions such as a Titan lining can be done in one application, saving you money on time and labor costs. Another great benefit to choosing a Titan spray-on roof lining is that it is permanent. Meaning you won’t have to come back in another 6 months or even 5 years and ask for us to re-do this process!

Durable Over Time

Having an RV roof that is guaranteed to stand up against the elements and wear and tear is one of the best investments you’ll make. As an RV owner, there will be plenty of other areas you will have to spend money to take care of your investment, but with a Titan roof lining, your RV’s roof will be set to last for years to come. It is created to last for the longevity of your RV, so this is the last roof your RV will ever need!

Titan Spray-On Roof Application In Greater Fort Worth

Your RV is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and you don’t want to risk the chance of water creeping into any tiny, unseen cracks. Save yourself the hassle and expense of dealing with water damage and instead invest in a waterproof sealant solution that is guaranteed to keep your RV safe. Elite RV Roof and Collision is proud to offer Titan spray-on roof linings for your RV and we know the product is as high quality as solutions come. Call us today at 682-802-9619 to request your free inspection!

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