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RV Roof Sealant Replacement

Serious water damage can devastate your RV. Avoid it with professional RV roof sealant repair and replacement.
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Roof sealant replacement is one of the best investments you can make in your rig. Trust our team of RV roof repair pros to create water-tight, weather-proof seals on your roof.

Has it been awhile since your roof seals were checked? We’ll come to you for a free on-site roof sealant inspection.

New roof seals don’t just look better; they keep your RV protected from the elements.
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Why Choose Elite RV Roof & Collision?

We’re passionate about RVs and making sure you get the most out of yours. So here are just a few reasons we think it benefits you to choose us:

Premium Materials

Because your roof seals are so important, we only use Dicor sealant, an industry leading brand. We recommend you have us check your seals twice a year — or after every big trip.

Specialized Team

Because we specialize in RV roof repair services, our team is more knowledgeable, more skilled, and more experienced in replacing roof sealant than the shops that try to do it all.

Thorough Inspection and Repairs

Before we replace your roof seals, we’ll make sure everything below the seals is functioning properly. (Because, covering up issues with new seals doesn’t really solve long-term problems.) You’ll have peace of mind that everything on your roof — from your vents, skylights, solar panels, and more — is in tip-top condition when we’re through.

Faster Service

Our mission to get you back on the road sooner extends to every repair and service, including RV roof sealant replacement. We take just a couple weeks, not months, to get your rig back to you.

Learn why and how we do things differently at Elite RV Roof & Collision — and why that’s good news for you.
Why Choose Elite?

We have a structural lifetime warranty

What to Expect

Before we get started, we’ll come to you for a free on-site inspection to look at your roof seals and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.
You keep your RV until it’s time for work to begin. Then, to make it easy, we’ll come pick-up your RV at no extra charge.
We’ll send you a digital estimate for our recommended services that you can approve right from your phone.
Once we get your RV to our shop, we’ll send you regular text updates so you know what’s happening.
If you’re filing a claim with your insurance provider, we’ll take care of communicating with them. Our team will relay the estimate and photos to your insurer to help you get as much compensation as you can.
Our normal turnaround time is just 1 to 2 weeks (not months). As soon as it’s done, we’ll bring your RV back to you, good as new.

Trust us: superior RV roof seals are what we do

So let us check yours out for free. We’ll let you know the best maintenance and repairs to extend the life of your investment. Don’t wait when it comes to your RV roof. Water damage from cracked, damaged seals can mean irreparable water damage that insurance won’t cover.

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