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RV Tire Blowout Repair

Tire blowouts while on the road aren’t just frustrating; they can also be dangerous and cause expensive damage to your RV.
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What causes RV tire blowouts?

If a tire blowout derails your trip, one of these issues is likely the cause.

Poor Tire Pressure

This is probably the most common cause of a blowout. Driving on tires with too little air pressure puts strain on the tire. The sidewalls will flex and heat will build inside the tire. If it gets too hot, a piece of the rubber will come free of the tire’s internal structure causing that “pop” and instant loss of the tire we know as a blowout.

HOW TO AVOID: Always, always check your tires’ pressure before and during a trip to stay ahead of low air pressure. This is especially important when you travel in hot weather; the heat outside and on the road makes it even easier for the tire’s internal temperatures to soar to dangerous levels.

And, don’t forget to monitor the pressure in your spare regularly. Having a spare ready-to-go will make your tire change as short as possible, getting you back in the driver’s seat quickly.

Worn Out Tires

Driving on old, worn tires is another cause of blowouts. A good rule of thumb for RV tires is to replace them about every 3-5 years or about every 6,000 miles. That number is dictated by how often you’re on the road. Also, don’t forget the importance of rotating your tires. Uneven tread makes you much more susceptible to wearing a hole right through the rubber, or falling victim to one of these other common causes of blowouts.

HOW TO AVOID: Keep regular appointments to rotate and replace your tires. Your wheels are one of the most important parts of your rig, so never compromise their performance.

Obstacles in the Road

Trash, potholes, or other debris can come out of nowhere and destroy a tire in seconds. With an RV especially, the sheer weight of your unit can make a pothole, curb, or nail even more dangerous than normal.

HOW TO AVOID: Drive carefully and be on the lookout for things in the road that could spell trouble for your tires. And, of course, keep your tires properly inflated to give you the best chance of avoiding a blowout from these obstacles.

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The Cost of tire blowout Repair

Depending on the severity of your blowout, the cost of repairing your tire could be fairly minimal — for example, just the cost of replacing the tire. However, if the blowout damaged your wheel mechanisms, wheel well, or other parts of your RV, the cost will be significantly higher.

To avoid these problems (and their hefty price tags), book regular inspections with Elite RV Roof & Collision. We’ll make sure your unit is in the best shape possible for your next trip so you can avoid the surprise and frustration of a tire blowout on the road.
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