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RV Roof Replacements

Dramatically extend the life of your RV by replacing an old, damaged, or weather-beaten roof.
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When a patch won’t offer you lasting protection, we recommend getting a complete RV roof replacement. For badly damaged or older RVs, it can add years of adventure to your investment.

If your RV roof is causing you headaches, let our experts help. We’ll come to you for a free on-site inspection.
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The Perks

Premium Materials

To hold up to the wear and tear of the road, we use the industry-leading XTRM PLY PVC Roofing System.

Flexible and durable, this roofing system gives you:
the best manufacturer’s warranty
the highest tear and puncture strength
and superior solar reflectivity to keep your RV cooler in hotter months
After installation, it’s ready to go; it requires no reconditioning and no special cleaners or treatments and avoids the streaks or black spots common with cheaper alternatives. Because XTRM Ply is UV resistant, environmentally friendly, and built to withstand extreme climates, it’s our roof of choice at Elite RV Roof & Collision. *Not all RV’s can accept this roofing system due to the angle and pitch of the roof; however, given the opportunity we always use the best materials possible.*

Free Up-keep for 6 Months

On top of the 10+ year manufacturer’s warranty on all our roof replacements, we also give you free roof sealant touch-ups for 6 months following service.

Specialized Team

Because we specialize in RV roof services, our team is more knowledgeable, more skilled, and more experienced in replacing your RV roof than the shops that try to do it all.
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We have a structural lifetime warranty

What to Expect

Before we get started, we’ll come to you for a free on-site inspection to diagnose your roof issue.
Once we get your RV to our shop, we’ll send you regular text updates so you know what’s happening.
We’ll send you a digital estimate for our recommended services that you can approve right from your phone.
Our normal turnaround time is just 2 to 3 weeks (not months). As soon as it’s done, we’ll bring your RV back to you.
You keep your RV until it’s time for work to begin. Then, to make it easy, we’ll come pick-up your RV at no extra charge.
If you need a free sealant touch-up (always included in our replacement services), we’ll come out to you anytime in the next 6 months.

Trust Us: We Know RV Roofs

So let us check yours out for free. We’ll be able to tell if it just needs a few repairs or if it’s time for a replacement.

Don’t wait when it comes to your RV roof. Water damage or deteriorating roof structures will make your issue more expensive the longer you put it off. Use our online scheduling tool to book an inspection with our pros now!
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