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RV Awning Replacement

Replace sunbleached, tattered or broken awnings with help from Elite RV Roof & Collision.
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A perfect pitch-up starts with the most durable RV awning on the market.

You can find Dometic™, LCI, and Carefree of Colorado replacement awnings here at Elite RV Roof & Collision, along with professional installation and the fastest RV repair service in North Texas. Choose from premium cassette awnings, mounted directly onto your RV, or the innovative inflatable tent rooms for added outdoor living space.
Don’t wait months for some shade. We can replace your RV awning faster than “the other guys.”
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Why should you choose Elite RV Roof & Collision for your awning replacement? Here are the top 4 reasons our customers keep coming back.
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A fresh awning can completely change the look of your RV.
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Is it time for a replacement?

Even the sturdiest all-weather awnings may need to be replaced after years of outdoor use. Look out for these signs that your awning needs some TLC.

Rips or Tears in Awning Fabric

After several years, it’s not uncommon for awning fabric to develop holes. For those small rips and tears, tent repair tape may do the trick, but if your awning has several holes or a more significant tear, replacing the awning fabric can instantly freshen up your RV.

Drooping RV Canopy

A drooping canopy doesn’t just look bad, it also won’t block the sun and rain as effectively. To fix this issue, we can replace broken or worn rivets or simply change out the awning fabric to give you back maximum shade.

Broken RV Awning Mechanisms

Your awning arms and their joints help lock your awning safely in place when in use and not. When these break or bend, it can pose a safety hazard and make your outdoor RV space less enjoyable. Our team can replace broken or bent arms, damaged mechanisms, or simply replace the awning for an updated look and long-lasting functionality.
If it’s time for an awning replacement, don’t settle for anything less than the fastest RV awning installation in Dallas-Fort Worth. Use our online scheduling tool to book a free awning inspection with our RV repair pros now!
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