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Get answers to common questions about us and our services.


What services do you offer?

Elite RV Roof & Collision specializes in RV roofs; we’re experts in roof sealant repairs, patches, coatings, and replacements. But we know that not all damage is isolated within the roof. If your rig needs a roof repair and has an issue elsewhere, we’ll handle it. Our RV pros are experts in paint and body repair, collision repair, A/C replacement, and awning replacements. However, we do not offer brake replacements or engine repair services. Head here for a full list of services.

How long will my repair take?

Once you approve your digital quote and we have all the parts on-hand (many of which we keep in-stock to eliminate wait time), our lead time is usually just 1 to 2 weeks. After we inspect your rig, our RV repair pros can give you a more accurate estimate based on your specific repair.

Do you offer mobile repair?

Yes! Head over to our Mobile RV Repair page to see more details about Elite RV Roof & Collision's mobile rv repair services.

What warranty do you offer on your services?

View our standard warranty for RV roof replacements, paint & body repairs, and electrical work here.

What’s the benefit of bringing my RV to you, instead of another RV repair shop?

We’re glad you asked. Here we break down the 4 big reasons we aren’t like those other RV repair shops (and why that’s a good thing).

How do you repair RVs faster than the other guys?

Good question.

We focus on specialized repairs for your RV, rather than fixing anything and everything. (Our thinking is — we’d rather do a few things really well than be average at a lot of things.) We also have a team that knows what they’re doing (in other words, they do it right the first time), and we work hard to keep parts they need in-stock. That means you’re not waiting weeks for supplies to ship like you would at other shops.

How can I book a free on-site inspection?

Our online scheduling app makes it easy. Find it here.

Will insurance cover my repairs?

It’s hard to give a general answer to this question. We’ve worked with lots of RV insurance policies over the years. So, we generally know what’s covered and what’s not. At your free inspection, we can give you a better perspective based on your specific issue.

If you have RV insurance, the good news is that after you file the claim, we’ll handle meeting with adjusters, sending in photos, and giving the insurance company everything they need (so you get the best shot at qualifying for coverage).

If you haven’t yet met your deductible, we will collect it and apply it to the cost of your repair. However, here’s the good news: we have an incentive program that helps our customers financially recover from the cost of the repairs. It’s just our way of saying thank you! Contact us for more information on our incentive programs that help you get your RV repaired for $0 out of pocket!

I need a repair on my horse trailer, pop-up camper, semi-trailer, etc. Can you help me out?

Yes! Much of the work we do on RVs can be translated to other large vehicles. Our team has lots of experience repairing horse trailers, pop-up camper trailers, food trucks, and other commercial or recreational trucks. Contact us for more details.

Roof Protection Plan

I have insurance. Do I need a roof seal protection plan, too?

Based on our experience, yes. Insurance companies will frequently deny roof seal repair claims for “lack of maintenance” (even if you take care of your rig). Unfortunately, we see it happen all the time. We created our protection plans to help you avoid those surprise claim denials. And, when you look at the average cost of roof repairs, our protection plans typically pay for themselves.

If you’re considering signing up for a plan, feel free to reach out. We’d be happy to show you how they save lots of our customers money year over year.

Do I have to pay upfront for a roof protection plan, or can I pay in installments?

Roof protection plans must be purchased upfront in full, but they are fully transferable.

What benefits are included in the roof protection plan?

Lots. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in each of our plans. (The only difference in our plans is how long your coverage lasts. You can choose from 1,3, or 5-year coverage options.)

  • Includes full re-seal immediately upon purchase, if required — a $1,200-$1,500 value!
  • Unlimited free sealant touch-ups (yes, unlimited!)
  • Free mobile roof and seal inspections (within 25 miles)
  • A comprehensive roof seal warranty for the length of your plan
  • Water damage protection (covers up to $2,000 in repairs)
  • No hidden fees
  • Covers all makes and models of RVs
  • Covers the sealant for the following components:
    • Plumbing Vents – Satellites – Skylights – Powered Vents
    • Mechanical Vents – Attic Vents – Front Roof Cross Trim
    • Rear Roof Cross Trim – Refrigerator Vents
    • Roof Ladder Mounts – TV Antennas – Radio Antennas
    • Solar Panel Mounts – Solar Connections – Air Horns