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Elite Specialty Vehicle Repair In DFW

September 19, 2022

Elite RV Roof & Collision has the skill and expertise to repair more than just RV’s and horse trailers. There are an array of specialty vehicles that we repair. Many of these vehicles share a lot of similar characteristics with RV’s. For example, the large command center trailers that many emergency response agencies use are basically a modified travel trailer. Instead of having a living space, kitchen, and other common amenities with an RV, these command centers are outfitted with the necessary technology and equipment for emergency responders to perform their jobs. But just like RV’s, these specialty vehicles are just as much at risk of damage as any RV.

Types Of Specialty Vehicles We Repair

You may be surprised to learn about how many different types of specialty vehicles there are, especially the amount of them that need roof and collision repairs. Just like with an RV, the roof of these vehicles is extremely important for protecting the interior of the vehicle. A great example of this is with a food truck. There are extremely strict regulations in place for food trucks when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. A damaged, leaky roof in a food truck that is left unrepaired can be the difference between your business being up and running, and being closed down.

So what are some of the specialty vehicles that we repair? Many of the common ones are specialized trailers and emergency response vehicles. The list of speciality vehicles that Elite RV can perform repairs on include, but aren’t necessarily limited to:

  • Emergency response vehicle
  • Mobile medical centers
  • Command units and trailers
  • Government vehicles
  • Educational vehicles
  • Food trucks
  • Business and marketing vehicles
  • Bookmobile and library vehicles
  • And more

Our knowledge and expertise of roof and collision repair makes it easy for us to perform repairs on so many different types of vehicles. At Elite RV, we know firsthand how important it is to have your company vehicles and equipment in good condition and ready to perform vital tasks.

NBC5 DFW specialty vehicles

NBC’s Texas Thunder Truck Repairs

Storm chasers are a vital part of our weather industry both for providing real-time warnings to local authorities as well as valuable data for research. But these chasers require specialized vehicles that often need to be able to take a beating. When you think about a storm chaser following a tornadic storm, there’s likely going to be a lot of debris flying around that can easily cause damage to any vehicle, including a storm chaser vehicle. When NBC’s Texas Thunder Truck sustained heavy damage during a storm chase, they needed a repair shop that they could trust to perform specialized, high quality repairs. Our technicians were able to accommodate their schedule and needs, getting the repairs done quickly while never sacrificing on the quality of repairs.

The Same Elite Service For The Most Elite Vehicles

At Elite RV, we are well known for our quality service with RV repairs while maintaining the highest standard for customer service. We are proud to say that our customers always come to us for all of their RV repair needs. With on-site inspection services, pick-up and delivery for vehicle repairs, our technicians are able to easily work with your company or organization’s schedule. This helps you to reduce costs while getting your vehicles repaired as quickly as possible to get them back into action. For our specialty vehicle repairs, we also offer our structural lifetime warranty that is backed by our guarantee for quality workmanship. From RV’s to food trucks to storm chaser trucks, to emergency response vehicles to other government vehicles, Elite RV performs high quality repairs all around.

Get Specialty Vehicle Repair Today From Elite RV

Don’t let your specialty vehicles for your company or organization sit on the sidelines out of commission. Whether you need roof repair, collision repair, or air conditioning services, Elite RV Roof & Collision has you covered. Our skilled technicians will get your specialty vehicles back into service as quickly as possible. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection or speak with us about protecting your fleet.

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