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Expert Roof Repair For Fifth Wheel RVs

August 8, 2022

The fifth wheel camper RV is a great option for RV travels. They boast a great amount of amenities and space, although you do need a vehicle that can tow it. With all of these benefits, you should want to ensure that the roof for your fifth wheel RV is in top condition. Keep reading to find out more about maintaining and repairing the roof for your fifth wheel.

Fifth Wheel Camper RV Roof Repair

Among the many types of RV’s serviced at Elite RV Roof & Collision, the fifth wheel camper is one of them. Our incredible technicians are experienced with every type of RV and this is no exception. Protecting your RV roof means protecting the rest of the RV, so ensuring quality repairs is an absolute must.

Just like with all of our services, it starts with a free roof inspection. Have a busy schedule? No problem. Our technicians will perform an on-site inspection wherever your fifth wheel camper RV is located (within a specified range). This process is designed to be as stress-free and easy for you as possible. The technician will perform the inspection and provide you with a digital report and estimate for any repairs that are needed.

Why is keeping your RV roof repaired so important? For one, even a decent roof will reflect a lot of sunlight. This is important because it helps to keep the inside of your RV significantly cooler which puts a lot less stress on the A/C. The roof also protects the rest of your RV from water leaks, which are one of the leading causes of damage for RVs. Water damage can eventually lead to needing a full roof replacement, and even severe damage to the interior of the RV.

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Repair Damaged Rubber Roof On Fifth Wheel

Many fifth wheel RV’s have a rubber roofing system. Now, this isn’t a bad thing. The rubber roof is still efficient at protecting your RV from other damage. But this doesn’t mean that a rubber roof is invincible to damage.

A rubber roof can still get damaged by extreme weather and water leaks. This is why it’s important to maintain your roof and repair any damage in a timely manner. An RV with a rubber roof is also more susceptible to tearing than other roofing systems, so you should definitely keep this in mind if you’re traveling to any heavily wooded areas (try not to park near trees with low hanging branches).

On another note, repairing a damaged rubber roof on a fifth wheel RV is relatively affordable. In fact, small amounts of damage can generally be DIY repairs as long as you know what you are doing. More severe damage can be completed at our elite repair shop for people all over Fort Worth.

Spray On Roofing System For Fifth Wheel Camper

Another option for the fifth wheel RV is utilizing a spray-on coating roof system. This is something we recommend to consider if your fifth wheel RV has sustained enough damage to the extent that a roof replacement is more favorable over a roof repair. Our premium Rhino Eco-Coat spray-on roofing system is a great option for a durable, long-lasting roof. This roofing system has a fast application process and doesn’t require any seals. Here are just some of the benefits of the Rhino Eco-Coat:

  • Never worry about seals again; this spray-on roofing system is its own seal, so you never have to get sealant ever again
  • A more durable, structurally rigid roof
  • Increased solar reflectivity to keep the inside of your RV cooler
  • Our incredible lifetime warranty

Best Fifth Wheel RV Roof Repair

Keep your fifth wheel RV in peak condition at Elite RV Roof & Collision. While we specialize in roof repair and replacement, we also have the best RV repair services in other areas like fiberglass and body repair from collisions. To get your free, on-site roof inspection scheduled, contact us today.

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