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Full RV Roof Replacement

October 22, 2022

If it’s time to get your RV set up with a new roof, don’t look any further than the Elite RV Roof and Collision team. With countless services and fantastic customer feedback, we’re the one stop shop for all of your RV’s roofing needs. Whether it’s a full on roof replacement or just a few sealant touch-ups, let our experts get to work so they can get you back on the road.

Only The Best Materials Used

When it’s time to have your RV roof replaced, it’s important to make sure the service includes high quality materials. This is not the time to skimp on quality! Material that is not durable will not hold up against the elements or the wear and tear your RV is bound to encounter as you take it out on adventures. It may cost a little extra up front, but using quality materials will save you money in the long run if you don’t have to have your RV’s roof repaired or placed as often as you otherwise would.

At Elite RV Roof and Collision, we use the industry leading XTRM PLY PVC roofing system for all RV roof replacements. This premium material is at the height of durability and superior reflectivity to provide your RV with all the strength it needs to stand up to the sun and the weather for years to come!

Specialized Repair Teams For Faster Service

If you’ve ever had to have your RV repaired before, even for something minor, we know you’ve probably been given the runaround about how much time to anticipate the repair taking, only to find out the wait time is even longer than you originally were told! Our team specializes in roof repairs and replacements, so when we give you a timeline, we abide by it.

closeup of rv with damaged roof

Need A New Roof? Upgrade To Rhino Eco-Coat

Getting an RV roof replaced isn’t cheap. We know it’s not what you want to spend your hard-earned money on. But we also know that you don’t want to have to spend more money another few years down the road potentially replacing your rig’s roof again if it sustains storm or extreme water damage.

Rhino Eco-Coat is the leading choice when it comes to long-term durability. This coating provides a 3mm barrier against leaks by sealing vulnerable spots such as bolts and gaps where water could sneak into the structure of your RV. Elite RV knows there’s no better roof system than Rhino Eco-Coat to keep water where it should be: outside of your RV!

Take Your New RV Roof Further With Our Protection Plans

Considering the time and resources it takes to get a new roof onto your RV, why not take it a step further and enjoy an added layer of protection with one of our protection plans? Even when insurance won’t cover the unforeseen, you’ll be taken care of! With three levels of plan protection, you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs. Not to be topped by any of our competition, our protection plans include:

  • Unlimited free sealant touch ups
  • Water damage protection (up to $2000 in repairs)
  • Full reseal upon purchase
  • Free mobile roof and seal inspections (within 25 miles)
  • Free roof re-seal warranty throughout the length of your plan

In addition, our plans cover all makes and models of RVs so that everyone has a chance to get the coverage they need. With no hidden fees and countless benefits, it’s no wonder so many of our customers choose to opt for the extra layer of protection.

Get A New RV Roof In Fort Worth

Repairs are inevitable and roof replacements are likely as an RV owner. At Elite RV Roof and Collision, roofs are our specialty and we have the track record to prove it. If you want the job done right the first time, shoot us a call or text at 682-802-9619 to request your free inspection. We look forward to doing our best work for you!

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