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How Do I Replace My RV Roof?

June 20, 2022

Like most people, you probably try to avoid sustaining any and all damage to your RV. The unfortunate truth is that damage is almost always inevitable at some point. Regardless of the inevitability, you deserve elite service and repairs.

Sometimes, the damage is sufficient enough for a full roof replacement. While a cheap roof replacement sounds great for your bank account, it may not be the best choice. Cheap repairs often use poor quality materials and shoddy workmanship. You deserve premium quality repairs with high quality materials while still remaining affordable.

Reasons Why Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

There are a lot of reasons you may need to get the roof on your RV replaced. The biggest culprit for needing a full replacement is the weather. RV’s that aren’t well-protected when not in use are at a much higher risk for sustaining severe damage. Weather conditions like heavy rain and hail cause a lot of severe damage to the roof.

If your RV’s roof doesn’t have good sealant, heavy rains can cause extensive damage to both the roof and the interior of the RV. The rain gets under the protective layers of the roof which will cause it to deteriorate over time. As it does, additional rain can start to leak all of the way through the roof and cause damage to the interior structures inside of the RV.

Getting Started: RV Roof Inspection

To get started on your elite roof replacement for your RV, the first step is to get your free RV roof inspection scheduled. When you choose Elite RV, we work to your benefit. For your RV roof inspection, we’ll come to you at your convenience. Our experienced technicians are able to perform thorough inspections in the field wherever your RV is located.

After the inspection is complete, we can give you a rundown of the extent of the damage to your RV’s roof. Once it’s established that the roof will need to be replaced, we’ll give you further details about how you can proceed.

Getting The Roof Replaced

You’ve had your free RV roof inspection and now the replacement is scheduled. For your convenience, we’ll pick up your RV to save you time. We’ll bring your RV to our premium repair shop where we can perform all repairs and roof replacements in a safe environment.

As we progress with your RV’s roof replacement, we’ll ensure to send you notifications to update you. This way you’re never in the dark on how the replacement job is going. Generally, you can expect a turnaround of about two to three weeks. Once everything is done and finalized, we’ll then bring your RV back to you so you don’t have to worry about arranging for any transportation.

The elite service that you receive for your RV doesn’t stop there, either. Each RV roof replacement comes with a manufacturer warranty of 10+ years to significantly reduce any worry on your part for anything that goes wrong with your brand new roof. Additionally, you’ll get some free upkeep to the RV roof for the six months following the completion of the job. If you ever need a touch up for roof sealant, it’s free of charge to you.

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Insurance Claims For Roof Replacement

A lot of damage that your RV sustains can be covered by insurance. While having great insurance is extremely helpful, especially on the financial side, it can also be stressful. The insurance claim process can often be tedious and time-consuming. You’ve already had a lot of damage done to your RV, and you have a lot of other things going on in your life. It’s safe to say you probably don’t want to add an insurance claim process for your RV roof replacement to everything going on.

At Elite RV Roof & Collision, we handle the insurance process for you. Our technicians and staff are experts at going through the claim process for RV’s, and we’ve had to do it dozens of times already. Our entire process from start to finish is designed to involve as little work on your part as possible. You have your life to live, and you shouldn’t have to constantly be worrying about your RV roof replacement.

Replace Your RV Roof In Fort Worth

Getting your RV repaired or roof replaced should be an easy process, not complicated and consuming your valuable time. Elite RV Roof and Collision has replaced countless RV roofs for happy, satisfied customers. From our free, on-site inspections to the quality of our repairs to our expert handling of insurance claim processes, we take care of our customers.

Need to have your RV roof inspected? Simply give us a call so we can schedule the free inspection. One of our experienced technicians will travel out to where the RV is to conduct the inspection. Once completed, we’ll give you the condition of the roof and the options available to you.

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