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How To Keep Your RV Roof In Elite Condition

July 11, 2022

An RV is a great investment that can lead to years of adventures and great times for both you and family. Traveling a lot also means that your RV is exposed to all kinds of environmental hazards. Severe weather can also wreak havoc on an unprotected RV, especially its roof. If you don’t keep your RV roof in good condition it becomes more and more susceptible to various kinds of damage.

An RV roof that is damaged or otherwise in poor condition can cause structural damage in the roof. Consequently, this can lead to water leaks from rain as well as a loss of conditioned air inside of the RV. If you take proper care of your RV’s roof then you significantly reduce the risk of having to completely replace the roof.

RV Roof Inspections

One of the best preventative measures for protecting your RV’s roof is by getting a free roof inspection by a professional RV repair company. An RV roof inspection will give you a thorough look at the current condition of the roof. Some of the important things that are checked include the physical condition of the roof, the sealant, and roof coating. All of these are integral components to having a strong RV roof to protect you and the inside of your RV from the elements.

Keep The Roof Clean

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you need to clean the roof of your RV. It’s on the top of the RV and thus you don’t often look at how dirty it is. Obviously, most traditional car washes aren’t a great choice for washing an RV. Getting an elevated position to clean the roof also allows you to perform your own visual inspection of how your roof is doing. You’ll be able to spot any noticeable damage or possible red flags that you can bring up with an elite technician.

Protect Your RV From Weather While Stored

No matter where you live, having somewhere safe to store or park your RV is extremely important. From a custom carport to a garage specifically for your RV, there are options for RV storage. This gives your RV a bastion of defense against environmental hazards.

This is especially important for any areas where you need to winterize your RV. Winterizing is the process of storing and protecting your RV against the extreme winter temperatures and storms. A common cause of roof damage from the winter months comes from snow accumulation. If there is substantial snowfall on an unprotected RV, that snow that accumulates on the RV roof creates a lot of weight. This presses down on the roof, not to mention the snow could get into any cracks or unsealed crevices. Remember that snow and ice have to melt, and that’s a lot of potential water that can cause damage to your RV.

Maintain RV Roof Sealant

A proper roof sealant is key to keeping out not only water, but also insects and pests. A roof seal will ensure the protection of your RV. If the sealant is old, or starting to deteriorate, water can easily get inside of your RV. This will cause problems like mold and mildew to form. If the damage becomes bad enough, water leaks could begin to damage the interior of your RV, too.

Imagine you have a bad roof sealant and your RV isn’t in a protected storage during a heavy rainstorm. That water is now getting inside of your RV, and it could damage appliances or other furniture located on the inside (depending on the amenities your RV has). Your RV not only needs roof repair and new sealant, but now it will need interior repairs which will drastically increase repair costs.

Get RV Roof Sealant Protection Plans

You deserve the best quality work from Elite RV technicians to repair and protect your investment. One way to do this is with an RV roof sealant protection plan offered by Elite RV Roof and Collision. Not only does this give you dependable, trustworthy roof protection, but it also serves as proof of maintenance to help with insurance claims.

The roof seal protection plans are designed to save you time and money while providing the same elite protection to your RV’s roof. When you get a roof seal protection plan, you get:

  • A full reseal at the time of purchase
  • Two seal inspections per year (we’ll even come to you within 25 miles of our repair shop)
  • FREE and UNLIMITED sealant touch-ups
  • Full roof reseal warranty
  • Water damage protection
  • No hidden fees
an old rv roof in need of repair

Use The Premium Quality RHINO Eco-Coat Spray-On Roof System

Upgrade your RV roof protection today with the RHINO Eco-Coat Spray-On roof system, now proudly offered by Elite RV Roof and Collision. This spray-on coating provides top of the line protection for any RV, travel trailer, 5th wheel RV, and motorhome. This system is designed to be extremely durable, even so much as to say it will be the last RV roof you’ll ever need.

The RHINO Eco-Coat is guaranteed to be watertight and maintenance free. Plus it’s customizable! This spray-on roof system can be painted to each match the color of your RV or with a custom paint job (note that it cannot be tinted, only painted). This roof protection system has everything you need to protect your RV’s roof and, most importantly, everything inside of the RV.

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