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Our Tips For RV Winter Storage

October 8, 2022

We know the winters get long as you wait for RV season to come back around. When you say goodbye to your home on wheels for a few cold months, there are the obvious things to take care of such as removing food and drinks from the fridge, unplugging electronics and removing valuable items you may have taken with you on summer road trips. But are you clear on the tasks you need to complete to get your RV ready for winter storage?

  • Draining water from holding tanks and pipes
  • Preparing the exterior and interior for sealing
  • Covering the tires and disconnecting batteries
  • Checking in occasionally to make sure no damage has occurred in storage

As one of your biggest financial investments, the attention you put into caring for your RV should be thorough enough to prevent any damage during its winter storage. Of course there are freak accidents that can happen, but to the extent you can prevent damage, you should certainly try!

Draining The Water Tanks and Pipes

Perhaps the least glamorous of all tasks on your RV storage to-do list is the work required to drain your RV water tanks and pipes. However, it’s important to make sure they are empty of all water and especially toilet waste. If liquid is left anywhere in the tanks or in the pipes themselves and they freeze, you’ll be looking at replacing a burst pipe before you can even start off on your next RV adventure.

To thoroughly clean out your holding tanks, start by first draining your fresh water tank, then move on to your black water tank, saving the gray water tank for last. By draining the gray water tank last of all, you can use any remaining liquid to push leftovers through the hose connected to your black tank. Once your tanks are drained and your pipes are emptied, you should run antifreeze through any place source that water comes into or goes out of in your RV to prevent freezing while in storage. 

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Clean, Prepare, and Seal The Exterior and Interior

When it comes to sealing your RV for the winter, no amount of caution is too much. A broken or missing seal not only is a threat to the upkeep of your RV, but is also liable to cause more damage by allowing dust, moisture and even bugs and insects inside your RV while in storage. It’s no secret that the work of checking all seals including around windows, vents, skylights and any other opening around your RV is tedious, but it’s well worth the effort. Look for any cracks, compromised seams or areas where the old seal is bubbling up.

If the spot you need to attend to has old sealant that is crusted or peeling away, you’ll need to have the roof sealant replaced. The best way to do this is by using a professional RV repair company like Elite RV. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that a professional company handled the roof seal replacement.

Cover Tires and Disconnect Batteries

Some of the easiest maintenance you can do in the wintertime is to cover your tires to protect from any sun damage or damage from rain, snow or effects of potential elements. Your tires will have a longer life if protected while your RV is in storage. 

To care for your RV’s batteries, disconnect the batteries and store them in a clean, dry space with a temperature that is well above freezing. It’s a good idea to fully charge your batteries before placing them into storage and to check every other month or so to recharge if charge has been lost.

Check In On Your Stored RV

Checking in on your RV might not seem like much, but you’ll be glad you made sure everything is safe and sound over the winter months. Visiting your RV to make sure there are no leaks or damage during the winter will give you peace of mind about its status as you get closer to taking it out again.

RV Sustain Damage During Winter? Get It Repaired By The Elite RV Pros

If you have RV damage that you want to have replaced before winter storage, The Elite RV Pros are the team to contact. Our professionals specialize in roof repair and replacement and know full well the value of a job well done. Don’t risk the problems not getting taken care of the first time by taking your RV to a less reputable repair shop. Call us today at 682-802-9619 to set up your free estimate appointment!

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