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The Elite RV Repair Process

July 4, 2022

It’s unfortunate, but your RV is likely to end up needing repairs at some point. There are many hazards on the road that you simply can’t prevent, accidents that can happen, and freak weather conditions that rise up from nowhere. No matter the reason, our RV repair process is designed to be quick and hassle-free from start to finish.

Starting Is Free With An Inspection

Everything starts with a free inspection of your RV. We know schedules can be crazy to work around, which is why we perform many of our inspections on-site wherever the RV may be. If your RV is at your home, or a storage lot, we’ll go to the RV so you don’t have to worry about bringing it to our shop.

Our industry-leading technicians perform thorough inspections to ensure the best service and repairs. Even for roof repairs, we’ll inspect everything below the roof to make sure that nothing else is damaged. There isn’t much of a point to repair or even replace a roof if the structure beneath it is damaged. Once the inspection is complete, we send you a digital estimate complete with pictures taken during the inspection.

Convenient Pick Up And Delivery

You won’t have to worry about storing your RV at our repair shop for weeks or even months on end. Even after accepting the repair estimate, you keep the RV until it’s actually time for repairs. When it is time, we are able to pick up and tow your RV for your convenience. We know that schedules can be tight and difficult to move appointments around, so we’re here to make the repair process as easy as possible for you. Once repairs are completed to your satisfaction, your RV is then returned to you with our quick delivery.

Have An Insurance Claim? We’ll Handle It

We’ve never met anyone who had to file an insurance claim that actually enjoyed the claim process. It can be long and tedious, and you’ll often find yourself going back and forth constantly with your insurance company. At Elite RV, we’re experienced with the insurance claims process and dealing with the insurance companies. Over the years, we’ve gotten a pretty good track record of getting our clients to pay little to nothing out of pocket for insurance claim repairs.

Stay In The Loop The Whole Time

Now it’s time for the important part of the process: the RV repairs. Once it’s in our shop, our technicians get straight to work. Our entire process is designed to ensure your RV is in the repair shop for as little time as possible. Unlike many other repair shops, we keep the most commonly used parts for repairs in stock and on hand, ready to go. This allows us to greatly speed up the process and get your RV back to you much faster.

Throughout the entire repair, we’ll keep you updated. As our technicians progress through the repairs, we’ll send you updates straight to your phone. This isn’t a one-way communication, either. If you have questions or concerns, you can address those directly with your professional technician to get answers in real-time.

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The Best Warranties And Protection Plans In DFW

Tired of surprises and repairs for your RV all of the time? At Elite RV, we know how inconvenient that can be. This is why we developed warranties and protection plans that actually benefit you and keep your RV in great condition. So, how does that work?

First, if you don’t have our premium Rhino Eco-Coat roof system, then you’ll want to know more about our roof sealant protection plans. One of the most common repair costs for RV owners comes from the roof sealant not being maintained. This often leads to actual damage to the roof and other structural parts, especially from water damage.

If you never want to worry about when to re-seal or touch up your sealant, then this sealant protection plan is for you. Overall, this ends up being upwards of 30% cheaper. Our repairs and services come with respective lifetime warranties as well.

Get Elite RV Repair And Get Back On The Road

Looking for expert, quality repairs that you don’t have to wait months for? Elite RV Roof & Collision has been offering top-of-the-line repair services in the Fort Worth metroplex for many years now. We’ve had hundreds of satisfied, happy customers that we were able to get back on the road in their RV’s. Contact us today about a free on-site inspection.

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