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Titan Spray-On RV Roof Lining: The Only RV Roof You Need

June 27, 2022

The roof of an RV protects your RV, there is no doubt about that. It’s the first line of defense, and as such, it takes the brunt of hits from elements like the weather in order to protect the rest of the RV. Do you want a cheap roof, or something strong and durable that’s going to last a long time?

At Elite RV Roof & Collision, we have the best premium roofing systems to protect your RV. Keep reading below to learn why the roofing system we offer is so popular and in demand.

Why It’s Important To Protect Your RV’s Roof With Quality Materials

Cheap materials won’t last long, and that’s the truth. Just because a product is cheaper does not mean that it is better. In many circumstances, the phrase “you get what you pay for” is very true. We believe our customers deserve only the best which is why we never bother with cheap materials.

When you use high quality, premium roofing materials for your RV you help to ensure the longevity of your roof. This will significantly reduce maintenance costs of the life of the RV, as well as protect against constantly having to replace the entire roof due to cheap materials. At Elite RV, we use the Titan spray-on roofing system.

What Is A Titan Roof Lining?

So what is this roofing system? It was developed by Titan who specialize in protective coatings. Their products are proven to be extremely durable and high-quality. Through their innovation and development, they created the Titan spray-on roof lining.

This system utilizes a plural component aluminized hybrid polyurea that can be used in special spray equipment. This makes the installation of a new roof much easier and faster, not to mention it’s extremely durable. The mixture also includes UV stabilizers to significantly increase protection from ultraviolet light.

How Titan Spray-On Roofing Works

First, we strip down any of the damaged and unusable portions of the roof right down to the plywood. We ensure that everything is sanded down and replacements made as needed. Once the plywood is ready and sanded, a special primer is used to prepare the surface for the spray-on roofing system.

Next, the Titan spray-on material is applied the primed roof. Depending on the area that it’s being applied to, a different thickness may be used. One of the greatest advantages of using this spray-on roof system is how fast it is applied. Once it’s sprayed on, it’s ready to go within half an hour.

Once the installation is complete, you get to enjoy the long term benefits of using a Titan Roof. Here are some of the prime benefits of using this high quality product:

  • Warranty – our spray-on roofing system comes with a lifetime warranty that is also transferable. This helps to increase your RV’s value.
  • Watertight – this system provides seamless coating and ensures a watertight seal. This significantly cuts down on constantly needing roof sealant.
  • Strong, durable – This product is extremely strong. This system was designed to withstand a lifetime of abuse and it won’t bubble, crack, or puncture.
  • Permanent – This product is also designed to be leak-proof for the entirety of your RV’s life.
  • UV Protection – Titan spray-on roofs have absolutely superior protection from ultraviolet light compared to other RV roofing systems. It also reduces heat absorption by up to 20% which cuts down on A/C usage on the inside.
  • Paintable! – That’s right, this spray-on roofing system is completely paintable. No longer will you have to deal with a miss-matched color scheme due to having a new roof. The spray-on roof can be painted to match the color of your RV.
an old rv roof in need of repair

How Long Does The Spray-On Roof Last?

This system was designed to last a lifetime. As stated before, the roof of an RV takes a huge brunt of assaults from weather and road hazards. The roof is one of the most commonly repaired components of an RV, and thus one of the most costly in maintenance. Titan roofs were designed to solve this issue by providing a product that is strong and durable, and will last a lifetime. To top it off, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Quick And Easy Titan Roofs In DFW Metroplex

Ready to take away the worry of replacing your RV’s roof multiple times over the RV lifespan? Elite RV Roof & Collision now offers and installs incredible Titan spray-on rv roofs. If you need a roof replacement due to damage, or even if you just want to upgrade your current roof to ensure its future, give us a call today.

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