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Titan Spray-On RV Roof Lining

August 22, 2022

The advancement of technologies across all industries never seems to stop, and the RV roofing industry is no different. The roof is an essential defense against the elements, especially water. Without a good quality roof, you’re like going to require constant repairs and maintenance that will quickly add up over time. Not to mention the excessive repairs could be avoidable with something that is a higher quality.

Thanks to the ever evolving landscape of RV roofing and the creation of substances, a spray-on roofing system was developed. While it started out as a roofing system for buildings, structures, and even truck beds, its use was quickly extended for RV’s as well.

What Is A Titan Roof Lining?

The Titan spray-on RV roof lining is a specially designed spray-on roofing system that was developed by Titan, a company that specializes in the creation of protective coatings that have a wide array of uses. This is achieved by using a plural component aluminized hybrid polyurea that is heated prior to application, and then coats the targeted roof. This probably sounds like some fancy scientific wording, so we’ll try to break it down for a basic understanding of what it is.

First, the term “plural component” simply refers to taking a handful of different materials and mixing them together to create the final product that is the Titan lining. However, the mixing process isn’t quite as easy as throwing it all into a bucket and giving the materials a good stir. In fact, all of the materials used are mixed together just prior to being applied to the surface that is being coated. This is because each material must be properly heated to correctly apply the roof coating. This also means that specialized equipment is required, so there aren’t going to be any DIY options for this. The other reason the materials are heated and mixed just prior to being applied is because even after being heated, the plural component roof coating dries very quickly.

a fresh coat of rhino eco-coat spray on rv roof lining

Features And Benefits Of The Titan Spray-On RV Roof Lining

A Titan RV roof lining is one of the best investments that you can make for your RV. There are numerous benefits that will save you tons of time and money over the lifespan of your RV. Here’s the first, and probably biggest, benefit to using this spray-on system:

It’s the last roof you’ll need, and you’ll never have to worry about roof sealant ever again.

That’s right, the Titan lining was designed to last a lifetime. It is far more durable than the typical RV roof. It has a quality guarantee that it will never bubble, crack, or be punctured. It creates a perfect, seamless coating that makes your roof completely watertight. Because of its ability for a complete, seamless coating, you’ll never have to worry about reseals ever again. While this saves you money on reseals over the course of the lifespan of your RV, this type of roofing system can earn you discounts from some insurance providers. If you think the money savings end here, then you’d be quite wrong. The superior UV protection with this material means your roof absorbs up to 20% less heat, putting your A/C under less stress.

Same Elite RV Service

Now you can get this incredible spray-on roofing system and still get the same Elite RV service you know and love. Our technicians have received extensive, specialized training to be able to apply Titan spray-on roofs right here at our own shop. The same conveniences that come with all of our other services, including a free inspection, are still included. We’re so confident with this roofing system that we offer our lifetime warranty, which is transferable, with all new Titan roof applications.

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