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What Is RV Roof Sealant

July 25, 2022

Extreme weather can strike with little warning, and if you’re familiar with Texas then you’re familiar with crazy weather. While having a garage of some kind is great for parking your RV, many people don’t have one which leaves their RV exposed to the elements. One of the first lines of defense that your RV roof has against these extreme elements is the roof sealant.

Roof Sealant Explained

So, what exactly is roof sealant? While there are many brands of roof sealant comprising various materials, roof sealant for your RV is designed to seal certain areas on the roof. Or, more specifically, rubber RV roofs which are the most common. Roof sealant’s purpose is to seal off seams in the roof, vents (ventilation in the roof), and any other openings in the RV roof. Over time, you will reach a point in which you need to perform a reseal on your roof, which is just removing the old sealant and replacing it with new sealant. A standard form of maintenance for your RV’s roof.

Why Ensuring Your RV Roof Is Sealed Is Vital

Is it important to maintain a good seal? Absolutely. Proper application of RV roof sealant not only protects your roof, but the rest of the RV as well. This is especially true for the interior of the RV, mainly in the form of water.

The primary purpose of the sealant is to make your roof watertight. Without a good seal, water can find its way into exposed seams, cracks, and other openings. This water gets under the roof and it can cause a lot of damage to the roof over time resulting in the need to replace the roof. Additionally, more severe water leaks can start to affect the interior of your RV as well. This includes furniture and appliances, which will stack up your repair bill fast.

Keeping your roof sealed also protects your RV from insects and pests. Spiders and insects like to make homes in exposed areas. Through these exposed areas they can get into the interior of the RV which is just plain uncomfortable. However, some insects that get into the RV could cause real harm to the condition of the RV.

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The Cost To Reseal Your RV Roof

Obviously, the cost to reseal your RV’s roof depends on a few different factors. For one, the material used to reseal the roof will have an effect on the cost. The size of the roof is also a big factor, since the larger the roof the more the reseal will cost. Typically, though, a roof reseal is going to start, at minimum, around $1,000. While this may seem like a lot, it’s fairly inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. For one, the resulting damage from water leaks due to broken seals on the roof can easily surpass thousands of dollars.

Roof Sealant Protection Plans At Elite RV

Elite RV Roof & Collision has been servicing RV’s all over Fort Worth. We have provided exceptional service to our hundreds of clients, ensuring that their experience is the best because we know having to get your RV repaired isn’t really a fun experience. If you need to have your RV’s A/C replaced, or if you’d like to upgrade to higher quality, give us a call today.

At Elite RV, we understood that roof sealant is an extremely important routine maintenance that needs to be performed. We also understood our customers’ desire to be able to save money. After all, more money in your pocket means more RV travels and adventures. That’s why we created our signature roof sealant protection plans. The overall value of a yearly plan is upwards of 30% cheaper than a single reseal. Here are just some of the great benefits of our RV roof protection plans:

  • Up to $2,000 in repair coverage due to water leaks
  • Includes a complete, full re-seal immediately upon purchasing the protection plan
  • Unlimited roof sealant touch-ups
  • Absolutely no hidden fees
  • Free mobile RV roof and sealant inspections within 25 miles of the shop
  • Choose what is best for you: a 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year sealant coverage protection plan

RV Roof Sealant Replacement In Fort Worth

At Elite RV Roof & Collision, we have performed reseals on hundreds of RV roofs across the Fort Worth metroplex. Our premium roof sealant protection plans are designed with our customers in mind, and our technicians provide the best craftsmanship in the area. If you need to get your RV roof resealed, call us today for a free inspection.

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