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What Is The Best RV Roof Coating?

August 1, 2022

Making sure that your roof is properly sealed is a vital component to making your RV last as long as possible. The quality of the material that you use has a huge impact on your RV and its roof. But what kind is the best? Here are some important distinctions between the different types of RV roof coatings, and what our top choice is at Elite RV Roof & Collision.

What Are The Main Types Of RV Roof Coatings?

There are, of course, many different brands offering varying qualities of RV roof coatings. Then once you find a brand that is a good quality, there are different types of roof coatings. It’s understandable that this can be confusing. The three main types of coatings are urethane roof coatings, acrylic roof coatings, and silicone roof coatings.

Urethane Roof Coating

What exactly is urethane? A urethane is a widely used, versatile compound. While being very similar to rubber, but isn’t quite rubber. This type of RV roof coating is often the best for those who like to travel offroad quite often. Urethane RV roof coatings guard the roof against impacts from small debris while also maintaining good UV resistance. However, this type of RV roof coating is a bit more expensive than others but you are definitely getting your money’s worth due to the quality.

Acrylic Roof Coating

An acrylic RV roof coating is great if you’re on a budget. While it does offer some protection, it’s not nearly as high of a quality material compared to something like a urethane coating. It provides protection against leaks and UV rays, but degrades a bit faster than other types of coatings. Plus, it requires two coats when installing a new coating.

Silicone Roof Coating

A middle-ground option for RV roof coating is the silicone coating. In general, it’s slightly more expensive than the acrylic coating but less expensive than a urethane coating. However, it offers significantly more protection against water leaks and damage compared to an acrylic coating. It’s also more durable, and tends to last longer.

closeup image of rhino spray-on roof coating for rvs

Rhino Eco-Coat: Elite RV’s Top Choice For RV Roof Coatings

At Elite RV Roof & Collision, we pride ourselves in using the best materials for our customers. Using low quality materials is just not something that we can bring ourselves to do. When it comes to a complete RV roof coating and roof system, our top choice is the Rhino Eco-Coat spray-on roofing system.

This RV roof coating is more than worth the cost to install it. This aluminized hybrid polyurea spray-on system is designed to last the entire life of your RV, and then some. This roof coating is so durable and reliable that it is even used for industrial roofs. This is our go-to choice for your RV roof. With the Rhino Eco-Coat roof coating, you get:

  • Premium durability and structural rigidity
  • Superior UV protection, keeping the inside of your RV cool during the summer
  • A roofing system and complete seal all-in-one; never need sealant again
  • Super fast installation; you can even walk on it within 15 minutes of completing the installation
  • An Elite lifetime warranty

Over the long term, this type of roof coating will save you money. At the very least, you won’t have to pay for more roof sealant over the years. It also allows for some great customization. The Rhino Eco-Coat roofing system can be painted to match or compliment the main color of your RV. It’s also permanent, so it’s the last RV roof you’ll ever need.

Get The Best RV Roof Coating In North Texas

Looking to get the best RV roof coating in DFW while also never having to worry about getting roof reseals? Call us at Elite RV Roof & Collision and we’ll work with you to get a free estimate for your new Rhino Eco-Coat roofing system.

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