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Shuttle Bus Repair Services

We offer quick and professonal repair services for shuttles and other transport vehicles for churches, senior living facilities, schools, hotels, and more!

Elite RV Shuttle Bus Repair Services

At Elite RV Roof & Collision, we have years of experience repairing shuttle buses and transport vans like those used by hotels, schools, churches, senior living facilities, and more. We offer bumper-to-bumper repair and upgrade options, including:
Paint & body repair
Electronics repairs and upgrades
Interior repair and refurbishment
Fiberglass repairs
Wrap and vinyl replacements
Body modification
Wheelchair lift installation
And more
Why Choose elite RV?

Complete your shuttle bus repairs in a snap with available Pick-up and delivery services

Streamline your experience with our convenient pick-up and delivery service. Ideal for airport vans, school buses, church vans, and hotel shuttles, we ensure minimal downtime for your vehicle. Trust Elite RV Roof & Collision to handle your repairs and upgrades efficiently, getting your vehicles back on the road quickly and seamlessly.
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Titan Roof Linings

Upgrade your shuttle bus roof with a Titan spray-on roof coating

The Titan spray-on coating is the best protective roof liner on the market. Keep your vehicle's roof safe from scrapes, scratches, corrosion, rain, and more with this high-performance roof upgrade from Elite RV Roof & Collision.

Keep your passengers cooler in the summer

Vehicles equipped with Titan roofs have superior solar reflectivity to keep your passengers comfortable, even during the hottest parts of the year.

Additional benefits

Increased roof and structural rigidity
Leak-proof for life
Permanent and maintenance-free
Elite RV Roof & Collision's lifetimewarranty
rv with new rhino spray on roof

Is it time for a Roof Replacement?

At Elite RV Roof & Collision, we specialize in roof repairs, upgrades, and replacements for airport vans, school buses, and all other large vehicles. If it's time for a roof replacement for your shuttle bus, come to Elite for the fast and professional roof replacement services.

For those seeking enhanced protection and heat resistance, consider upgrading to a Titan roof. This option provides superior durability and improved climate control, ensuring your vehicle is always ready to go with high-performance, maintenance-free roof. Quick and reliable, our service is designed to minimize downtime and extend the life of your vehicle.
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We handle the insurance process from start to finish

Insurance sure comes in handy when repairs are needed, but handling the claims process is confusing and time-consuming — that is, if you don’t work with us.
We are experts on the ins and outs of shuttle bus and other vehicle insurance. We’ll take care of getting your insurance company the info they need.
Whether you’ve met your deductible or not, we help lots of our clients get their vehicles repaired for $0 out of pocket.

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