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4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your RV Awning

February 1, 2023

Gearing up for the spring and summer travel season requires a lot of work for RV owners. Between preparing the RV water tanks, checking the durability of tires, and setting aside provisions and materials for your trip, there is no shortage of tasks to add to your to-do list. One easily overlooked aspect of RV preparation is checking to make sure your awning is in good repair.

Your RV’s awning provides an invaluable service to your traveling experience by providing shade and coverage from the elements. If left unattended for too long, damage can impact your awning’s performance. There are 4 key awning issues you want to be on the lookout for when preparing your RV for spring travel:

  • Broken awning mechanism
  • Splitting seams
  • Mildew build-up
  • Fabric that has stretched out

Broken Mechanism

Your RV’s awning provides shade, comfort, and a safe, dry space to enjoy the outdoors while you’re on the road. It’s a functional and necessary feature of your RV, but over time it sustains wear and tear from use and being left open under various elements. The mechanisms that bring your awning up and down and lock it into place might get worn out and fail to function properly. When this happens, the mechanisms at least will need to be replaced, if not your awning as a whole.

Splitting Seams

Split seams are never welcome when found in fabric, particularly fabric that holds a structure together. What may start as a tiny rip can quickly get out of hand and damage the integrity of your awning if not dealt with! At the first notice of a split seam, you should take action by fixing the tear immediately. For small tears in the stitching or seams, you might be able to get away with sewing or gluing the tape back together. However, larger tears may be too far gone to be able to replace on your own and will require the entire awning fabric to be replaced.

man deploying his rv awning

Mildew Build-Up

Mold and mildew is never welcome, even if it remains outside of a living space. RV awnings create an easy space for mold and mildew to build up. Some RV awnings are made up of two pieces of fabric placed together and are especially susceptible to mildew growth. You can try to clean your RV awning to rid it of any mold or mildew growth, but even a thorough cleaning may not be able to remove the stench of mold entirely. Of course, mold is also a health hazard so for the sake of your family and anyone spending time under the awning,  you should consider replacing the awning fabric before you set off on any new adventures.

Stretched Out Fabric

The purpose of an awning is to provide shade, and prevent water and moisture from getting on the surface and items below it. Over time awnings tend to droop, particularly if they have taken on rain storms and water built up on the fabric. Once the fabric has stretched slightly, more and more water will build up with each rain, causing the fabric to droop and sag. If your awning has begun to droop it won’t be able to hold up effectively against the sun or the rain while you travel.

Professional RV Awning Replacement Fort Worth

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