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5 Tips To Keep Your RV’s AC Running Efficiently

April 15, 2023

Texas heat is here and as we get nearer to the hottest months of the year, you’ll want a functional RV AC to make sure you stay comfortable. Thanks to the nearly ever present heat here in north Texas, the AC units in our vehicles and homes have to work in overdrive just to keep us comfortable. AC units are meant to last several years, but thanks to the heat waves that are all too common in Texas, it’s not uncommon for RV AC replacement to take place every few years.

To help combat the frequency of a necessary RV AC replacement, here are 5 tips to prolong the life of your RV AC:

  • Keep filters clean
  • Park in the shade
  • Use portable fans
  • Close off unused space
  • Open awning for shade

Clean Filters Regularly

In seasons of heavy travel, and especially during the summer when you run your AC the most, it’s important to clean your AC filters thoroughly and often. Doing so will not only help them to function well, but will help conserve energy and the life of the AC unit. By keeping the filters clean, you’ll help your AC run more smoothly with less effort.

To clean the filters, remove them from the unit and rinse in lukewarm water to rid any dust, dirt and debris. Allow the filters to dry completely before replacing them in the AC unit.

Park In The Shade

What seems like such a simple solution is actually one of the easiest ways to keep your RV cool and prolong your RV AC’s life. Parking in the shade allows cool air to naturally make its way into your rig, lowering the need for your AC to run and providing shade for your crew at the same time. When you’re ready to end your day of travel, look for a spot filled with shade that will help cool your RV down, taking stress off of your RV AC unit.

couple opening rv window

Keep Portable Fans Nearby

Portable fans are a great way to make sure that air continues to circulate in a given area of your RV. Hot pockets of air tend to form, especially if a small room is unused for a period of time and can cause your RV’s indoor temperature to rise unnecessarily. A small fan will help air to keep moving and prevent these hot pockets from forming.

Close Off Unoccupied Areas

Any time you are outside of your RV or away from certain rooms like a bedroom or the bathroom, keep the ductwork closed to prevent unnecessary cooling in those spaces. Cooling off an unoccupied space only makes for higher energy usage and more wear and tear on your AC unit.

Use Awning For Shade

For an easy DIY shade solution, prop up your awning to provide shade on the side of your RV. If your awning is over a window or the door to your RV, you can block off some sun from entering your rig and heating up the space.

Quickest RV AC Replacement In North Texas

If your RV’s air conditioner struggled last season and you’re wondering if it will get you through your summer travel, that’s your sign that it’s time for an inspection to test the health of the AC unit. Particularly if you travel throughout Texas and other popularly hot parts of the country, your RV’s AC has to work overtime to not succumb to the heat.

At Elite RV Roof and Collision, we aren’t just an RV repair service that focuses solely on roofs; we also perform RV AC replacements so your RV can be cool all year round. Before you set off on your first RV travels for the spring and summer season, get your old AC unit replaced to ensure that you and your family are cool and comfortable throughout your adventure. Call Elite RV today at 682-802-9619 to request a free RV AC replacement estimate!

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