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Professional RV Fiberglass Repair

February 22, 2023

Has your RV recently been side-swiped, collided with, or otherwise bumped into? If so then you’ve probably been wracking your brains trying to figure out how and where to approach getting your rig back on its feet. When you need a quality fiberglass repair, it’s important to take your RV to a trusted, reputable repair shop so you can be confident that your RV will come out of the process looking just like new.

You might need professional repair services for fiberglass damage due to a few different reasons:

  • Severe weather such as hail or wind has damaged your RV’s siding
  • The slide out function is not working properly
  • You want to remove dents
  • Update the look of your RV

Repair After Weather

Nasty weather is one of the main afflictions that cause RVs to end up in a repair shop. Harsh winds, torrential rain and dreaded hail can all wreak havoc on your beloved RV, causing dents and even warping or bending in your RV’s materials. Thankfully, these issues can usually be repaired without doing an entire overhaul of your RV.

Weather is unpredictable, but the quality of repair you get from Elite RV is not. Leave it to us to provide professional fiberglass repair that will replace the damaged areas and leave your RV looking its best.

Sidewall Repair

If your RV has taken a hit for one reason or another, it’s likely the sidewalls need extra tlc to get them back to their original beauty and function. To restore your RV to its greatest appearance and build back structural integrity, a professional RV technician will see any and all necessary repairs to completion. Your RV’s sidewalls are most likely made of fiberglass, a durable and lightweight material commonly used in RV manufacturing.

Fiberglass is the perfect material for building such a large moving vehicle, but it can become damaged due to collisions, weather exposure, or aging. Repairing fiberglass sidewalls typically involves sanding down the damaged area, applying a new layer of fiberglass cloth and resin, and then sanding and painting the repaired area to match the rest of your RV.

image of RV fiberglass paneling

Collision Repair And Dent Removal

When another vehicle collides with a massive RV, it’s quite likely the RV will sustain some degree of damage. The extent of which likely depends on several factors, including speed, on what part of the RV the collision occurred, and what shape your siding was in prior to the accident.

Choosing to repair your RV as soon as you can after an accident is the best practice to ensure that more damage doesn’t come as a result of the initial crash. At Elite RV, our experienced technicians will take all the care necessary to repair and rebuild your RV’s siding, front or backend to brand new quality.

Update Your RV’s Look

Fiberglass repair and replacement doesn’t have to be isolated to just post-collision repair needs. If your RV has been around for more than a few trips and just needs an updated look, professional fiberglass replacement can provide that new look for you! We can match any color and film and leave your RV looking the best you’ve ever seen it.

Professional Fiberglass Repair Near You

Whether your RV has sustained an injury or you just want a new take on a few features of your RV, Elite RV Roof and Collision is the key to your needs. At Elite RV, we take pride in providing the best customer service in the area, while offering the highest level of repair work. Check out some of our before and after work here or better yet, give us a call at 682-802-9619 to request a free inspection!

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